Monday, January 21, 2008

Josh's Surgery

On Thursday Josh had his "surgery." Despite having a late start time, Josh did great. He didn't start getting really fussy until about an hour before his surgery. Matt and I avoided the kitchen and didn't eat in front of Josh, which I think helped keep his mind off food. After all his fussing he fell asleep right before he was going to go OR, so the nurse just carried him. He woke up from anesthesia really grumpy. He just wanted to be held and went crazy if anyone else tried to touch him. Of course, all the nurses were making over him to, which he loved (at least before surgery.)

On the way home we stopped to get his prescription pain medicine and he was finally starting to come around. He drank some juice, so we decided to stop for ice cream. Josh got his own small dish of DQ and he ate almost all of it. We knew ice cream would be a hit.

The next day Josh was his normal self. He had a few fussy moments when he was having some pain, but pain medicine took care of that. Of course it's been a challenge to keep out of the bath. He can't take a bath until Wednesday so that we can soak his dressing off. He doesn't like sponge baths nearly as much.

Matt and I would like to thank everyone for all the prayers for Josh. We sure felt them on Thursday when Josh was a trooper through everything.

Love to all,
M, J, J

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Pics, New Tricks

Some of my new tricks...

I'm Thiiiiiiiissss Big

He shoots... he scores!

I'm getting good at putting these shapes in their holes I'm so good with a fork, I don't like to be fed by my parents sometimes.
Oh yea, gotta charm 'em with the Eskimo kisses
I still take books to mom and dad ALL THE TIME!
And I can still get into some mischief...

Like crawling into the shower

Telling mom to get out of the way
Bonking dad on the head

Helping with the recyclables

What happens when the sticky tab on the diaper tears... use the good ol' standby!
Turing him into a Chinese Redneck!
M, J, &J

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Yes, He had quite a haul. I think if we put pictures of everything up here the Blogger website would crash. So here's just a few.

We are also quite entertained by chasing each other around the house!

Josh is pretty much walking full time now and working on running. He cut another tooth with another one shining. His nose and slobber have pretty much been a constant fountain because of it.

The little booger also has become a "choosy" eater. He has his favorites now and that's what he wants. It's now a chore to get him to eat things that he's always eaten. It makes you grumble when he's eaten taco meat several times before, refuses (vehemently by the way) it one day,and then eats it again next time.

Everyone say a prayer on the 17th of this month. That's when Josh goes under the knife to "remove the extra material down there" as I like to call it. He can't eat for 8 hours beforehand with an afternoon appointment (which will be bad enough), get stuck with a needle, and wake up with a sore wee-wee. Sounds like a great day