Friday, March 04, 2011

Josh has two careers that he goes back on forth on. The first is a construction worker and the second is a mechanic. He is working on his garbage truck. It needed major repairs.

Just a little tighter!

I took a picture of this just to remember it later. Whenever Josh has to go #2 at home or at grandma's he strips totally naked to go to the bathroom. This time he throw all his clothes out of the bathroom too.

On 2/14 it was Josh's Valentine's party at school. I did the craft and we made love bugs.

By the way, Josh's preschool teachers are so sweet. They are such a blessing.

We were all so excited to go to the Boat, Sport and Travel Show. Josh couldn't wait to climb in and out of every camper, which is his favorite part. Every drive unit he drove us somewhere.

Most of the boats you are not allowed to get into, but Matt let Josh board this one. He was so excited.

Josh's class went to a place called Fundamentals. It's kind of like gymnastics for the not so serious. It was lots of fun. The only thing Josh was leery of was the zip line.

Bong, Bong, Bong!

and roll back

Josh swinging on the parallel bars.

Josh's class in the ball pit