Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

We have got lot of pictures for everyone today. Josh is doing better. He is finally over his cold and we're guessing his new teeth will break the skin tomorrow. He is also sleeping through the night. Finally! He sometimes fusses for 10 minutes every now and then, but falls back to sleep. Although, Monday he had an hour long crying fit and nothing would console him.

Josh getting into his drawer int he kitchen. It keeps him occupied so I can fix dinner.

Today was a big day. Josh had his hair cut. This is his before shot.

I'm not sure whats goin' on, but I'm trying to figure it out.

Josh was so good for his hair cut. He didn't cry at all.

To all by girlfriends: Now I look HOT and I have a cute dog too. (Although it's at grandma's house.)

We present for Halloween: Manful Spicy Boy

Look at how spicy I am!

Here I am with grandma and grandpa.

I am so spicy that I drink Habanero Tabasco instead of formula.

Here I am with the other grandma.

Here I am with the other grandpa. He likes things almost as spicy as I do.

Tomorrow is a big day for Josh. Matt has to go back to work. Josh has become a dad's boy, so I'm not sure how he'll do with Matt gone for 24 hours. I'm sure he will do fine though.

Happy Halloween everyone,

Matt, Jenny and Josh

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teething again!

Since our last post to the blog Josh has turned 11 months old now. He turned 11 months on Sunday and we celebrated by going to church and then White Castle's. Our first time to church with Josh went smooth. We used the nursery at church while we went to service. He did great and enjoyed playing with the other kids. Then we had lunch at White Castle's which Josh loved. (Of course he likes anything you put into his mouth.)

On Wednesday Josh wasn't feeling well again. He may have a cold again, but he is teething in a major way. It look like both eye teeth are coming in at the same time. He is definitely cranky.
Matt and I made homemade ice cream and Josh loved it. He was climbing all over Matt to get his next bite. It probably made his gums feel better too.

More ice cream please!
Unfortunately, Josh fell head first off the step into our living room on Wednesday. The next day Josh had finally figured out how to go down the step backwards by himself. Matt and I have been trying to show him for two weeks now, but it took falling on his head for him to figure it out.

This was his third time going down backwards by himself.

At this point we are still enjoying our time off, but work is fast approaching. Matt starts back on November 1st and then I start back on November 11th. Who knows what we will do in the next few days, but we do know that Josh is going to have to get a hair cut. That will be quite the experience I'm sure.

Matt, Jenny and Josh

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun at the Park

Yesterday Josh had a really rough day. We made a visit to the International Adoption Clinic where we received a clean bill of health. The only concern was his lingering chest cold congestion verses aspiration from his sippy cup. It is common for the kids from China to have trouble with thin liquids because they are use to thick liquids. Just to be safe they did a chest x-ray to check things out. Also, the poor guy had 10 full size vials of blood drawn. We don't know how he has any blood left.

So to make him feel better, after his afternoon nap we went to the park. He loves the swing, but wasn't to sure about the slide or the titer-toter.

Josh has really wanted to be up and walking with us the past few days. He holds on to us and off he goes. Now he is able to take a few steps just holding on to one hand. It want to long before he is running all over the house.

As far as grass is concerned, he still isn't sure about the texture. He will touch it but immediately pull his hand away. He bribed him into crawl a short distance in the grass be dangling the camera strap.

Matt, Jenny and Josh

Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Baby Sitting

Well, we've done it we have left him with a babysitter, but first let me back up a couple of days.

On Wednesday, Josh woke up very sick with a cold again. (Darn new American germs. We think he got if from him cousin Alex.) That night Matt and I took Josh to my work to show him off. It was good to see my friends at work. In just a few short weeks I'll be heading back, but I'm not focusing on that yet. It was a rough night for everyone in the house because Josh was having a lot of trouble breathing, therefore he was having trouble sleeping. We took shift staying up with him.

On Thursday, Josh woke up breathing better, but still not sleeping well. We decided to go birdwatching at our favorite spot, Muscatatuck, and thankfully Josh slept 2 1/2 hours in his car seat.

Friday was Hoosier Hysteria, aka Midnight Madness. My parents had promised to babysit Josh, but they were out of town, so Matt's parents did. Can you believe that we have only had him for less than four weeks and we are already leaving him with babysitters? Everything went well according to the report from Grandpa and Grandma. They had a poopy diaper and a 11:00 pm crying fit, but other than that it all went well.

On Saturday, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant to show him off to our friends that work there. They all that thought he was just perfect. If only they could have seen him in the afternoon all fussy, they would have changed their minds.

Plus on top of all of this Josh is doing better drinking from a sippy cup and is so close to walking on his own it's not funny. We'll keep you posted on these.

Matt, Jenny and Josh

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recent Pics

Play Time With The Cousins

Pictures From The Party

4 Generations

The Man's Club

Look At All The LOOT!!

Playin' with Great Grandpa

Silly Boys!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Another crazy weekend

Hi Everyone! Sorry for not posting to the blog sooner, but it has been a very busy and a sad weekend. We will post some pictures in a couple days.

First, Saturday was Josh's "Coming Home Party." It was so nice for everyone to meet Josh finally. He was passed from person to person all afternoon and kept his charm on the whole time. Thank you to all for Josh's gifts. He loves all the toys and we have started to read the books to him.

Secondly, on Sunday my grandmother passed away. The funeral is tomorrow so we will be very busy. Fortunately, she was able to see all her great-grandchild Saturday. She had been sick for quiet a while and is finally at peace.

Lastly, Josh had his first doctors visit today. He received a clean bill of health. He did receive two of his many vaccinations today, which he did not like. Officially he is 29 inches and 20.6 pounds. The doctor wants us to visit the Adoption Clinic to double check his immunizations. Oh, the doctor had seen Josh's sign in the front yard.

Matt, Jenny and Josh

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Home for Five Days Now

It's been a difficult but getting easier five days home. Both Josh and I have been much better. Our colds combined with jet lag really knocked us down, but Matt took care of everything while we were sick. This is how Josh spent the first 36 hours home, comatose of the floor. The poor guy was knocked out by his cold and jet lag.

When Josh finally awakened he went for his first ride on a "fire truck."

After Josh rejoined the living, he was a grouchy bear for the next two days. We threatened to send him back to China in a FedEx box, but he liked the idea, as you can see. That threat did no good at all.

Josh would like to send a big thank you to the Hoppe's for his new wooden fire truck.
He loves it.

Josh is already sporting his fire department issued shirt. Matt plans on picking up an application for him very soon.

On Thursday Josh got to meet his Aunt Lisa and cousins Marianna and Alex. The three of them had a great time playing together. Josh was totally exhausted after all the romping around.

Josh's cousin, Marianna, took him on his first horse back ride. He loved it. He even went for another ride when Grandma and Grandpa Dunham got to the house.

Tomorrow will be another day of romping with the cousins for Josh and then Saturday while be his BIG coming home party. I just found out that my aunt and uncle from Georgia will be coming into town Saturday, so they will get to meet him sometime in the next few days.

Love to all,

Matt, Jenny and Josh

Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally Home!

Well, after 28 hours of total travel time we are all home. The plane rides were rough for Josh, but he did pretty good. At the baggage claim there was a fan club: Matt's mom and dad, Matt's best friend Shilo and his parents, and EvaJo. (Sorry, pictures are on my mom's camera.) When we arrived home there is a great big yard sign welcoming Josh home.

Once we got into the house we discovered that we had been raided by our family from the fire house with gifts and food. Thanks so much. It has been great not to have to do to the grocery for a few days. Plus, so for the food has been fantastic!

The basket full of baby supplies left for Josh. He sends a big thank you too, but he does wonder who put that nasty old Purdue stuff in there?

Look at all the food left in the frig and freezer for us to eat.

After some lunch yesterday with some more family, we went to see my grandparents in Martinsville. We discovered that Josh does not like the car seat. Of course, he has never seen or been in one until yesterday. (China doesn't use or even sell car seats.) Unfortunately, Josh's cold is worse and he spent most of the last 24 hours asleep. Also, Jen is sick with a cold and combined with jet lag she feels terrible. Fortunately, Matt just feels a little tired and has taken care of pretty much everything since we have been home.

Finally, thank you so much to all for your thoughts and prayers while we were gone. It meant so much to us to see all the comments left. We had a great trip to China, but are definitely glad to be home.


Matt, Jenny and Josh