Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ready for some warm weather

Although there have been a few nice warm sunny days, the past few weeks have been full of clouds, rain and cold. We are all ready for some warm weather. In a couple of weeks we are going to Holiday World so we are crossing our fingers that we have 80 degree days.

This blog post is going to cover the last two weeks and boy have we been having lots of fun.

It was fairly warm on this day so Matt took Josh out to play in the rain and puddles in the neighbors yard. The rain stopped when they went outside, but it was a splashing good time!


While Matt and I checked out the birds at the park Josh filled his bucket with all the creepy crawlies he could find.

Look at all the things I found! He was so excited about all his discoveries.

At our local library the N-scale model trains were on display just before our camping trip. Josh could have sat and watched them all day.

Josh and I took a trip up to the fire house the night before we left for Ohio camping. As a special treat dad got the fire hose out for Josh to shoot some water.

The fire is over there!

Our camping trip was fun, but we had terrible weather. It was rainy, windy and cold the entire week. Since the weather was so bad we took a trip up to Cabela's. It is always fun to look at the aquarium and animals in the store. Josh really liked these two little bears and wanted to have his picture taken with them. Who's cuter?

Josh was fascinated by the animals on display. He was a little up set about the musk ox being eaten by the wolves though.

Matt somehow discovered a Del Taco restaurant in Toledo. On the way back from Cabela's we stopped for lunch. Yum!

Just a sampling of our wonderful weather. The weather was so bad that there weren't very many birds to see either. This was the worst birding we have had at Magee Marsh since we have been going over the past 10 years.

This little fox was at the nature center at Maumee Bay SP. Josh not only wanted to have his picture taken with him, but also sung him the Happy Birthday song.

Although the weather was terrible, we stopped for ice cream at our favorite ice cream place, DG's, everyday. Josh had to have a little candy face on his ice cream every time.

Josh showing off on his big wheel. He was able to ride on the sidewalk toward the shower house without mom and dad because we could watch him from our campsite. He thought that was pretty neat and would say "Well, goodbye mom, goodbye dad. See you in a little while." each time he took off.

The very last evening there was decent so we went to participate in Josh's favorite sport: feeding and chasing the gulls on the beach.

There were so many puddles around that Josh couldn't help himself and before we knew it he was splashing like a crazy boy. The weather had been so crummy that week that we didn't care he wasn't wearing his junky clothes.

Running through a puddle = Pure Joy!

Dad and Josh ridin' their "hogs", as they call them. Josh even put a Harley Davidson stick he got from his grandpa on his Big Wheel.
I am going to try and do a better job of updating the blog every week. The summer is just starting and we are planning lots of fun things to do. Holiday World, swim class, a couple church camps, Alaska - there's lots to do, I hope that I can keep this goal.