Sunday, July 27, 2008

While the boys sleep

Right now both the boys are sleeping giving me time to update the blog. Shhhh!

Josh is up to 33 1/4 inches. We are still crossing our fingers for 36 inches by next June so he can ride most of the rides at Holiday World. We think that we might have my sister convinced to come with us, but it's still to early to tell. His vocabulary continues to grow and is now saying please, thank you and welcome. The potty training is a little rough. We are still trying to put on the potty several times during the day, but we haven't had any successes in a while.

Matt and I have been working on planning a reunion with all our Chongqing family for next year. We drew the place out of a hat, which was Atlanta. Matt somehow was able to get the two people who had not joined our yahoo group to join, reconnected with someone who hasn't visit our yahoo group in a long time and guilted one person into posting pictures of their little one. So far, it looks like everyone will be meeting in Atlanta. That means there could be about 55 of us terrorizing Atlanta next year. We are all so excited!

Now on to the pictures:

Josh absolutely loves walking around in our shoes and he has gotten pretty good at it. His favorite shoes to walk in seems to be Matt's IU Crocs.

I've grown a cup size!

Some of you may remember a picture of Josh walking around in his stacking cups. Well, back then he could wear the light and dark purple cups. He has grown a bit and now is in light purple and dark blue.

The neighbor girls came over to play in the pool. They all had a great time chasing Josh around.

Josh's first ride on the mower.

Josh is fixing a screw that came loose when we threw a ball into the playhouse.

Josh is going puzzle crazy. He is getting really good at putting his puzzles together. We think he is actually starting to learn his shapes and colors.

Passing on of the squeaky shoes.

Josh has passed on his squeaky shoes to his cousin Alex in hopes that he will start walking on his own soon. Alex can walk very well while holding on to one finger, but not yet brave enough for independence. I'm sure he will like hearing himself squeak just as Josh still does. Don't worry I'll get them back when Alex is finished with them.

Last but not least, things are still going well with Marge. Our time with Marge is coming to an end soon. She will soon be going back to work and Josh will be going to a friends house on the days Matt works. We hope that all goes well with the change I think that everyone is a little nervous about it.

M, J, and J

P.S. We just got a new point and shot camera and if we can figure out how to do it we should be able to put a short video up on the blog. No guarantees though.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

He's A Fish!!

Though he is certainly part monkey, he also has a lot of fish in him to.
Here are a few pictures from Holiday World last month
Having fun!!!

And MORE fun with the sprinkler!!

And MORE fun with the pool!!!

Oh, and MORE fun in grandpa's truck!!!
This is everything we have amassed in the "I want to take this to bed with me" routine.
And now, the fun for mom and dad has begun!!
For the past couple months we have put him on the potty just for him to know it's there for something other to play IN. For the past two weeks, we've been a little more consistent with putting him on it. He vaguely understands, but not quite. We've had two successes this week and it's cause for a lot of excitement. We'll keep working.

We also went for some 18mo pictures and drug grandma and grandpa with us.

Our Favorite: because this just shows who he is.
What else:

He and Marge are doing great on the days she watches him. He always give her a big hug when she leaves (we know it's because of all the snacks and TV he gets with her).

He's becoming more wary of strangers. If he's in a shopping cart or a high chair he's fine. But more increasingly, not always, he will latch onto us if he is walking and someone new comes up to us.

He tries to make us look like liars when we tell people how much he talks. He NEVER shuts up. Everywhere we go it's "truck" or "boat" or "bird, flap flap flap" or whatever. It's especially fun when we go to the grandparent's house. We always tell their dog, Annie, who he loves, to "get back" when we go in the house. Now he walks in and tells her "back, back!" If we're around anyone other than the grandparents, though, not a word comes out. GRRRR. Sometimes he'll warm up, though.

till next time
M, J, &J