Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are Camping Nu, Nu, Nu!!!!!

We know it has been awhile since our last blog update, but things have been kind of crazy for the past few weeks. On Sept. 13th we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant to celebrate Josh's Gotcha Day. Josh's true Gotcha Day was Sept. 17th, 2006. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting Josh for the first time.

On Sept 18th the three of us left for the first camping trip in our new camper. We had planned to go to the Cumberland Gap area in Kentucky, but due to bad weather we made a last minute change to Chain O' Lakes State Park. We really like this park and there were several things we wanted to do in the area. The only bad thing was that the mosquitoes were awful. Josh's face paid the price because you can't put mosquito repellent on your face. Plus, he fell while playing on the playgrounds and gave himself a nice bruise on his left cheek. That's our boy!

Josh really likes to sing. So he created a camping song one morning at breakfast. The song became the theme of our trip. The song went like this: We are camp-ing Nu, Nu, Nu (repeat).

Here's our campsite complete with Josh's underwear hanging out to dry.

Just a short drive up the road, to Albion, IN, from the campgrounds was Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. It was a rescue for exotic animals. Their facility was very nice and it was sad to hear the stories of the animals. After our visit we've decided that we can't go to the circus. The camel at the sanctuary was there because it was to dark to match with the costume the camel had to wear. We couldn't believe that.

Of course we had smores, but Josh liked to eat marshmallows right out of the bag best.

We also went to the Fort Wayne Zoo. It was terrific. I had read that it was great for young kids and it was very true. The animal enclosures were very nice and allowed up close encounters with the animals. There was a train, sky lift, raft ride, carousel, and pony rides. All of which Josh loved. We will definitely be going back. At the end of the day we let Josh play in the splash zone. He so loves water and was soaked from head to toe.

Josh playing the drums in the African Journey sections.

Josh riding Gail the pony.

Everyone loves to feed the goats, but these goats were crazy. There were a few minutes before feeding time so we let Josh brush the goats. The only problem was that they were attacking our pants, coats, and camera bag. Once we did have our cup of food the goats were jumping ON us so much that Josh went outside the pen to feed them.

Chain O' Lakes SP has seven lakes that are connected by creeks which are perfect for canoes or our kayaks. We love to kayak and so does Josh. He plays in the water, tries to paddle, sits and enjoys the ride, goes from mom's kayak to dad's kayak and vice a versa, and he even peed into the lake from the kayak. (That took some skill on dad's part to assist in that process.) It won't be long before we will need to get a tandem kayak for him. Josh really liked all the bridges we passed under. We had to "honk" as we went under each one.

As Josh rides along in the kayak he collects things. Usually it's lily pads, but this time he collected leaves in the water. What a collection!

Mom and Josh heading back in.

Josh loves his big wheel and he is juuuuust big enough to push the pedals. Sometimes dad has to give him a helping hand with a trusty stick though. He especially liked to ride his big wheel through the puddles.

After four days at Chain O' Lakes we packed up and went to Mounds State Park. We were hoping that the rain would stop, but it poured that night. We all had a great time on the playgrounds and walked some of the trails to the Indian mounds at the park.

Josh can't wait to help dad with putting logs on the fire. We had just roasted our last marshmallow before the heavens let loose on us. It was then a mad dash to get the bikes under the awning before our seats were soaked through.
While camping we tried out everything on our new camper to make sure everything was just right. We have been having a problem with one door latch since we brought our camper home, so it currently is in the shop getting that taken care of. Of course, when Matt took it in, the door worked fine. Murphy's law at its' finest.
Today we went to the Children's Museum . Josh likes the trains and the dinosaurs best of all. We don't know what we are doing tomorrow, but it could be anything.
M, J and J

Josh trying to hitch up and go!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

This is a random post about some of the things that Josh and mom do while daddy is at work. There also a couple of pictures of some other things.

See what happens when you leave Josh to color my himself for just one minute. His body becomes a work of art.

Dad found the praying mantis while mowing. Josh thought it was pretty cool.

We try to do some kind of "art project" a couple times a week. This particular day we made a tambourine and maracas. The was followed by an hour of "marching to the drum" as Josh calls it. He even had grandma P march to the drum in her wheelchair.

On one of the few HOT days of the summer, Josh and I went to the Greenwood pool to splash around in the kiddie pool.

Josh likes to play with his Lincoln Logs. He likes to make a car wash or garage and play with his cars.

We went to Muscatatuck NWR birdwatching and brought bacon sandwiches for our picnic. Yum, Yum!

Josh is really getting into birdwatching now a days. We are trying to teach him how to use binoculars. When he actually finds what he looking for he points to it and says "Here it is!" He loves to see what other kinds of animals we can find. Sometimes that include a T-Rex or a triceratops. You never know what you might find in the woods.

There really isn't to much going on around the house right now. In two weeks we are going on our first camping trip in the new camper. The destination has yet to be determined. Matt is off the next couple of days, so we are going to enjoy this holiday weekend. We do plan to do a little fishing in grandma and grandpa's back yard. That will be a lot of fun!
Not to jinx us - but we do seem to be potty trained. He only wears diapers to sleep in and is really good at letting us know when he has to go. We've only had a couple accidents in the past month and a half and those were because we just didn't make it to the bathroom in time. SOOOO, sometimes when we're outside playing and he says he has to pee, we just go over to a tree. THE PERKS OF HAVING A BOY!!!!
M, J, and J