Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monster Mania

Are you ready to get your redneck on? Well, we did at the 4X4 Jamboree. There lots of big trucks and lots of rednecks. The people watching was fantastic.

If you have a monster truck wagon blasting Johny Cash with a guy in a wife beater shirt you might be a redneck?

The one and only BIGFOOT!

Now that's a hitch!

Josh was so excited to be up close with the monster trucks.

Avenger does the best free style

For a bargain price of 23 dollars for the three of us, we got to take a ride in this monster truck. Josh said that ride was "really really crazy!"

Ms. Bigfoot with giant air

On 9/23 Josh had dad's night at preschool. No mom's allowed. The theme was the farm, so the boys got all gussied-up. They had a blast doing wheelbarrow races and herding animals.

On Saturday 9/25 Matt and I went to an IU football. We did a little tailgating and then went walking around to people watch.

The Marching 100 forming a perfect I
And by the way, IU won the football game, but next week maybe a different story when they play Michigan.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music in Me Class

After a failed attempt last year, Josh is finally in the music class we thought he would enjoy. It is called Music in Me at IUPUI for 15 weeks on Saturdays. The focus of the class is pitch, rhythm, and piano. There will even be a recital in December that the kids perform at. To cute I know. Anyway, he loved it. I think we have played the CD from class so many times that we all know the words of every song and Matt and I are ready to throw it out of the window.

Matt wanted to start Family Movie night. For our first movie night we watched ... Star Wars. I'm sure that wasn't a surprise to anyone. We watched episode one because we thought Josh would like the pod race which he did. He wasn't to sure about Darth Mal though. He was kind of scary Josh said.

What do you eat of movie night? PIZZA!

Oh and don't forget the popcorn. Josh loves it!!

On Sunday Sept. 12, Josh and I went to Chinese Fest at Military Park. It was small, but much better than Asian Fest that we tried to go to in the summer. Anyway, Josh loved watching the Dragon Dance, but he didn't like the Chinese opera. I must admit that I don't like it much either.

The Dragon Dance

Josh thought it was funny that the dragon's blinked.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Starting Preschool

I can't believe it has been two weeks since our last blog update. Anyway, the big news is that Josh started preschool on Aug. 30th. The week before that we had a meet the teachers day at the park and a meet my friends day at the school. Josh had to bring the snack for the first day of school, because the teachers saw that he wasn't shy and would show the other kids how to do it.

He absolutely loved scool and can't wait to go back this week.

Of course life is getting more crazy at our house because Matt is changing shifts and teaching the driver ops class at work which means lots of overtime. The bad part is that we don't get to see dad as much. Also, Josh will be starting a music class next week at IUPUI. It will be on Saturdays for 15 weeks for 45 minutes. Plus, Josh has his first birthday party for a friend that he gets to go to on Saturday.

Here Josh is making dad into a box truck. Notice he is carring the snack bucket for school.

If you look very close to this picture you can see where Josh drew his first stick figures. They are in green on the fountain.

On Aug 29th we went to Bug Fest at Southeastway Park. Who doesn't love bugs? Here Josh is spitting (for distance) a frozen cricket. Later he ate a chocolate covered cricket like it was nothing.

What's he going to be?

The cutest Black Widow Spider you have ever seen.

Josh is fascinated by the fossils that were are Bug Fest.

Josh's or should I say Matt and I's first homework assignment for preschool. It was a poster all about Josh.

The first day of preschool!

Josh is waiting in the car for the teachers to come and get him at the drop off spot. He so excited!! He is hold a card for his teacher's birthday.

Bye mom and dad!! Josh said bye and never looked back. He was glad to see us when we picked him up. He loved preschool.

For those who don't know, Josh loved the show Dinosaur Train on PBS. Josh is pretending to be the conductor and holding up the map showing the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Mesozoic time periods.