Saturday, October 09, 2010

Apple Orchard X3?

Apple orchard X3 you ask? Well, we first tried to go to Apple Works to pick apples. Unfortunately, after driving all the way down there, they don't have u-pick apples just pumpkins. So we drove all the way up to Adrian's Orchard. Like wise, they don't have u-pick apples either. What? They call themselves apple orchards but you can't pick apples. Go figure.

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

We were so upset that we couldn't pick apples at Apple Works, even though their trees were loaded with apples, we let Josh pick one just out of spite.

After two failed attempts at the apple orchards, Matt and Josh picked persimmons from our tree at home later.

On Oct. 6th was Josh's first field trip. His class went to Kelsey Farms in Whiteland. It's a small dairy farm. The kids loved to play on the straw mountain and in the cornbox.

The milking parlor. Josh had a lot of question about what went on in the milking parlor.

How a about a little kiss?

These calves were just 9 days old. They were so sweet and the kids loved them.

On the Oct 2nd and 3rd, Josh and I went to my sisters. The kids had an awesome time together and it was good to see Lisa and Chris. It had been awhile because of our crazy schedule. On the 3rd we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. Loads of fun!

Say pumpkin!
Josh, Marianna, Aunt Lisa and Alex

Our pumpkins in the patch. (Josh wanted a little pumpkin. It came in at just 2 pounds.)

Finally, after some searching we found a u-pick apple orchard. It was Anderson Orchard in Moorseville. Unfortunately, most of the apple were gone, but we were able to pick a peck or half a bussell. We have been eating apples everyday since. YUM!

Josh's favorite part was eating the apples. When we weren't sure how the apple would taste, we would find a good one on the ground and try it.

Waterman's pumpkin patch is the only place to get pumpkins. We walked away with 156 pounds of pumpkin. Matt's came in at the grand weight of 94 pounds. He said he always wanted a big pumpkin and this year he was gonna get it.

Bullseye was the preschool class' stuffed pony and Josh is holding him in his hand. Josh took him home for one week. There was a book that you had to write a story about all the things you did with Bullseye and you were supposed to include a picture. Matt and Josh climbed to the top of the ladder truck for the picture. Awesome!