Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Four Years Old Already

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. Josh had a test at Tae Kwan Do and of course he turned 4 years old on 11/21. We can't believe he's 4 already.

Josh is circling all the things in the Toy r us ad that he wants for Christmas.

Josh really likes getting of the computer and playing games.

This is Josh's Tip Test. He had several skills he had to do for Tae Kwan Do and then he earned a yellow strip for the tip of his belt.

Fighting stance was one of his skills

Front Snap Kick was another skill he had to perform.
Josh is receiving the board he just broke with a Front Snap Kick.

The sensay is giving Josh his yellow strip on his belt tip.

Josh is 4 Years old !!!!

Mom made Josh a very cool volcano cake that spewed smoke.

Josh wanted a dinosaur themed party again. Here are the three paleontologist. Be careful their bite is worse than their growl.

Wow! The cake was awesome!

Make a wish!

Of course Josh received a ton of gifts. He was so excited to rip and tear that he barely looked at them. Then he couldn't decide which one to play with first.

He had a little help getting his birthday presents open from his cousins, but he didn't mind.

Today, 11/23 we built a tent in the living room. Josh loved hiding in his tent.

Pretending to sleep in his tent.

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Louanne said...

So fun!! I can't believe the kids are 4 either. Great job getting hi yellow stripe.