Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's a garbage burger?

Let's face it, we love the state fair. What's not to love? The food, the people watching, the food, the smell of animals, the food, the rides, the food, the tractors, and did I mention the THE FOOD. Anyway, we had a blast. The food of the year was deep fried butter, yuck, and a garbage burger. We didn't try the deep fried butter but the garbage burger was awesome. It was a pork tenderloin topped with BBQ pulled pork. It was darn good! Plus, we went to the fair twice thanks to a couple free admission coupons in the paper.

Josh was riding the toy jeeps at the Jeep experience.

We all went to the tractor pulls. Josh though they were totally cool.

The world's largest litter of pigs

Josh loves music and he loves to watch this band at the fair.

Being all boy there isn't a tractor, mower, or combine that he didn't climb onto.

Josh liked the semi truck ride better than the race car ride. It was too rough.

The perfect way to end a trip to the fair is to get an aerial view by riding the Ferris wheel.

I know this picture is small, but it's from Matt's phone. He and Josh had stopped to see Shilo and he was working on his truck. Shilo let Josh take the lug nuts on and off. Plus, he let Josh use the grinder. Josh was in heaven because right now he says he wants to grow up and me a mechanic. He got his wish.