Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun with cousin, snow and Bob the Builder

It's been a very busy couple of weeks around here. First, Alex came to stay for a few days with us and then Josh and I were both sick with colds. This week I had a doctors appointment, a root planing (fun I know) and Matt is having a procedure Friday that doesn't allow him to eat from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon (more fun). On top of all this, Matt's mom has been in the hospital since last Friday and we have been stopping to see her everyday. She is doing much better now and will probably go home either Friday or Saturday.

Josh is enjoying all the snow we have and can't keep out of it. Mom and dad are definitely over the snow though, but we have all had fun sledding. Unfortunately, the music class we were all so looking forward to was cancelled because there were not enough kids signed up for it. We'll try again in the fall. Also, in a couple of weeks we will be signing Josh up for Preschool at our church.

We had to replace our satellite receiver so I gave Josh a bunch of tools and we took it apart. It was a blast.
Alex and Josh had a blast playing together. Grandma and Grandpa took both boys for the weekend and spoiled them rotten.

The boys were relaxin' and watching Cars.

Painting is lots of fun!!

Josh and Alex's favorite things to play with was the Geotrax of course.

Josh loves to watch Bob the Builder and there is an exhibit at the Children's Museum right now.

Josh playing with all his favorite characters. Scrambler the four-wheeler is his favorite.

Josh and Benny

Josh and Rolley

Josh in Bob's workshop

Josh's favorite part of the museum is the DinoSphere. Here he is dressed up like a T-Rex and collecting his eggs.

He's sitting on his eggs and yes they did hatch.

We had to find an alternate sledding hill because all the snow was gone of the top of the other one. Here we are at the middle school down the street. It has a great sledding hill and a whole lot less people.

Watch out Josh here come dad!!

Our snow angel!!
Hope everyone is surviving winter,
Matt, Jenny and Josh