Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It seems to rain everyday right now which sure makes it hard to play outside and it hasn't been quite warm enough to go to the pool yet. So we are trying to find indoor activities that burn lots of energy. All I want to know is are we going to have a couple dry days soon because we are going to need a bush hog to mow the grass. For heaven's sake, we don't live in Seattle.

Anyway, the other day Matt and I worked out in the yard, between rain storms, to finish the garden. We were putting more gravel down and distributing the last of the dirt. Of course, Josh wanted to play the dirt or should I say mud. He was covered in mud from head to toe and so were we. He had a blast though.

Josh has discovered a new toy. He is now strong enough to squeeze the hose nozzle and he has pretty good aim too. He soaked me a couple of times.

It's hard to make out, but the newest neighbors are six mallard ducks. We have had to much rain that the neighbors yards is constantly flooded and they have been hanging around for about a week.

What do you do when your stuck inside the house all day? Get the play dough out!

Cookie cutters are awesome for play dough.
We are super busy this week. Matt is teaching a class and he has to work an extra day this week. The extra day of work is so he can have time off to go to the reunion in Atlanta. Plus, I'm working and Father's Day is Sunday. Oh well, we'll get through it.
M, J, and J

Friday, June 05, 2009

Holiday World Mayhem!

Before we get to our trip to Holiday World we must start with Josh's first time fishing. For Easter he received a Cars fishing pole. So we went to grandma and grandpa's house to fish in their backyard. The pond behind their house is filled with bluegill and you can catch them very easily. Perfect for the fishermen with an attention span of about 5 seconds. After Josh caught his first fish he was asking to catch another. He may become a fisherman yet.

Grandpa is showing Josh how to put the meal worm on his hook without sticking yourself of course.

The first cast.

The waiting can be torture.

Look at that lunker jump from the water!

Meet Crabbie the sandbox. To help keep Josh from digging in my garden now that it is actually planted, I broke down and bought him a sandbox. Of course, every kid needs a sandbox too.
Josh played in Crabbie for a couple of hours. It's on our deck so he can play outside and I can keep an eye on him while in the house.

Holiday World

We had an awesome time at Holiday World. We love, love, love Lincoln State Park. It rained a couple of times, but only at night so it did not ruin anything. My sister and her family tent camped so the rain was not so much fun for them, but they survived. The kids were absolutely crazy. They didn't know what to do first. Josh was just over 36 inches so he was able to ride the kiddy coaster and log ride. Unfortunately, he did not like either one. Maybe next year. Josh did like the raging river ride though. The first time was O.K. and the second time was much more fun.

Notice the total chaos. Toys were everywhere!

Uncle Chris and Josh playing a little catch.

Marianna and Josh are sharing a bottle of water.

The kids were so excited about going out in the kayaks that they couldn't wait to get in them. Each one took a turn in the kayaks. They all loved it!

Josh and Mom in the kayak

Three little munchkins lined up in row.

Every one loved the water park. Marianna road all the rides. The scarier the ride the more she loved it. Josh and Alex were too little for most of the rides, but they still had fun.

Josh liked this slide in particular because he could go down all by himself. For twenty minutes he just slid down and went right back up again.

Again, Again!

Marianna and Josh crashed into everyone and everything on the bumper boats.

Lisa, Chris, Alex and Marianna
Hopefully, we can all go to Holiday World next year. Our next big adventure with Josh will be swim lessons. Greenwood pool offers a parent and tot class. I'm sure it will be a splashin' good time.
Potty training is going Very well now that were back home. We've had a few accidents but we're most excited about him doing his number 2s on the potty now. That's been our biggest sticking point and now it seems we've gotten over it. He's even tells us he has to poop. It's SOOO sad that grown adults are so excited about poop.
M, J, and J