Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Crazy Weekend

Another weekend of running, running, running! Friday morning we went to the Children's Museum, which we'll get into more detail later. Friday night, Josh's cousins came in for the weekend. Since Friday night was also the night of Matt's awards banquet, Josh stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house with the cousins and Aunt Lisa. Well, they all stayed up late romping.

Saturday night Matt's parents had a big fish fry with quite a few people. There were a couple other kids and they, with Josh, just ran crazy all over the house for nearly two hours after dinner. Again, another late night. Josh fell into a coma when he went to bed and didn't stir until about an hour and a half later than he normally gets up.

Sunday, We went to the Boat, Sport, and Travel Show to look at campers and get various travel guides. Josh LOVES going in every camper he can. Up, down, in, out, under, around. He was everywhere. We've been working on having him "freeze" when we say "FREEZE" so he doesn't get too far away. He did really well with that today which is good because there were a LOT of people there today.

Now, on to some pictures

This is monkey boy doing one-armed push-ups on the table
We had been telling josh for a week that we were going to see dinosaurs at the museum. Every day for a week we heard "next week see dinosaurs". When we finally got there, Josh ran to the middle of the exhibit and started jumping screaming "dinosaurs! dinosaurs! dinosaurs!" The exhibit is in a darkened room with growling and rumbling sounds overhead which scared his cousin a couple years ago when we took her so there was some concern as to how Josh would react. Uhhhh, not a problem! It took us half an hour to get him out of the room and then we had to go back before we left.

Here he is digging for dinosaur bones
What a stud!

In another exhibit, there was a pond with a viewing glass under part of it. There was a giant bullfrog sitting on top of the glass

Now were to the meat and potatoes! Heavy Machinery!!!

And what happens after a hard weekend of romping??

We decided to have a different kind of bubble bath. Blowing bubbles, while in the bath!

Laundry day is always fun - for Josh, that is!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We survived! Barely!

Well, we start before all the kids were at the house. Josh had a cold which he so kindly passed on to his grandparents and Matt. Thankfully, I have not gotten sick.

Josh is a rock-star. Everywhere we go someone knows him either from the gym or the library. It is not unusual to get stopped once whenever we are out running errands. At the gym many of the other parents know who he is even though we have no idea who they are.

Here Josh is pulling around his two cases to hold his cars and yes he needs both cases to hold his cars. We have overflow of the bigger cars in his dump truck.

Josh and Matt are reworking the train track in preparation of his cousins coming. Josh loved digging in the box for track pieces and did a good job of putting them together to.

O.K. I took this picture because Josh does this all the time when he plays with the train table in his room. He is always the monkey!

Playing with my cousins!

Mariana and Alex came to stay with us on Thursday 2/6 to Sunday 2/8. We all took turns watching the kids and they stayed both at Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny's house and grandma and grandpa's house. Grandma and grandpa even kept Josh on Saturday night with the other two kids. Of course, we had a few battles over toys, but for the most part the kids did great. Some of the things we did were stopping at the fire house, playing with the train a lot, using the bath crayons on the walls, tub and each other, visiting great-grandpa, and romping outside.

All snuggled together for a bedtime story after a soaking good time of romping in the bathtub.

Marianna holding our snake. She couldn't wait for Uncle Matt to get home on Friday to get her out.

Our band! At the library Josh loves to march to the drum so we do it at home too. I had to stop and change Alex so Matt took over the flutophone, xylophone, and drum. Marianna was banging on a pan with a wooden spoon. Josh just wanted to march.
Although we do have one lasting nasty effect from the weekend - Josh is now terribly afraid of dark and going to sleep. We're not sure if the monsters subject was brought up again or what, but it has been a real challenge getting Josh to sleep. Today for example he won't lay down for a nap he just screams and cries. We are resorting to a drive to see if he'll fall asleep.
As far as we are concerned, Matt is enjoying his HazMat class. It looks like Matt's dad has decided that he wants to go to Alaska next year on a fishing trip with Matt. The plan is for Josh and I to meet them in Anchorage and tour Alaska for a week. Sounds like fun! I'm still just working and somehow have been roped into an Infection Control Committee. I didn't even volunteer for it, I was simply chosen. Mom is working very had at finding us a good hotel rate for our reunion and we should be deciding soon. So far she has gotten some good deals and a couple not so good deals.
Happy Valentines!
Love, M, J, and J