Monday, September 29, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Boy oh boy, do we have a smorgasbord of pictures and videos for everyone. We went camping for a week in Gatlinburg, which was great fun and then met grandma and grandpa at McCormick's Creek State Park for a weekend of camping. Josh did super in the car for all those hours. Of course, there was some fussing at times, but all in all it wasn't to bad. The drive to McCormick's Creek was the worst. Josh was over being in his car seat and we were delayed by a over turned truck and grid locked traffic. He survived though and so did we, barely.

Some of the pictures were before we left, but most are from our trip.

Every week we borrow lots of books from the library and Josh loves to sit in the living room surrounded by the books and "rean" them all.

On Gotcha Day, 9/17, grandma and grandpa came over and Josh raided grandma's purse just like he did the nanny's purse one year ago.

We celebrated Gotcha Day on 9/19. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. As a little gift Matt and I bought Josh a new book.

Now to vacation pictures

In Gatlinburg we went to the aquarium, which Josh just loved. In the tunnels Josh had to tickle every shark or fish that swam over him.

Hi everybody!

Next to our campsite was a small hill with rocks and tree roots covering it. Everyday Josh would spend as long as we would let him, pushing and pulling his dump truck over them.

Here we are in the Great Smoky Mountain's Nation Park. We were at Clingman's Dome. It was not much fun pushing Josh's stroller up to the dome, but Matt did it anyway and never complained.

It is a must that everyone plays Hillbilly golf when they go to Gatlinburg and we weren't about to break tradition. Of course, Josh didn't quite get hitting the ball into the hole, but he was great at dropping the balls into the hole.

While in Gatlinburg Matt and I renewed our wedding vows for our 10th anniversary. We had honeymooned in Gatlinburg all those years ago. Anyway, Josh needed a suit and doesn't look adorable in it. He didn't like wearing the tie, but what guy does. All I can say is look out ladies here comes one good lookin' guy.

I know I'm cute!

Here's the fam at the park entrance.

While hiking the Laurel Falls trail we found a millipede. Of course, Josh wanted to hold it.

Josh is able to hike a little longer each time. I would say he hiked about 3/4 of the 1.3 miles back to the truck. He waved and said "Hi" to every single person we saw.

The Christmas Place is another spot among the many that are must stops. Josh did a great job of just using one or two finger to touch things. He loved all the lights and especially the train that ran along the ceiling. Although, he wasn't to sure what to make of Santa Claus.

One rule of camping is you get to break some of the everyday rules, like you get to stay up later and eat a little or a lot more. Josh's was that he could ride in our laps while in the park. Here Josh is in grandpa's lap at McCormick's creek.

Here we are hiking the Wolf Cave trail at McCormick's Creek. We would guess that Josh hiked about 1 1/2 miles.

He never is never in slow motion and always is running around crazy.

In order to speed up the hike Matt would carry Josh over the stream that we had to go through so that Josh wouldn't play in it forever. Who knew suspenders had so many uses?

Unfortunately, some parts of the trail required carrying the stroller, but the guys made easy work of that.

Now onto the videos:

This is Josh pushing his dump truck around.

Nothing is better than playing Hillbilly Golf!

Watch out I'm going up the mountain.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the pictures and videos from our trip,
M, J, and J

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Treat For Everybody!!

A Long Time Ago...
In A Country Far, Far Away...

Not everyone has had the chance to see this, so here you go. You can sort'a see the chaos involved as there were fifteen families in line and we were next to last. Everybody was smushed up against the glass to get a look, nervous excitement and chatter was everywhere, and through it all you had to hear your name called and work your way through the pack to get to the door. It was a trip of a lifetime AND we came back with Josh (AKA Melonhead, relax ma'ma Jane, we rarely call him that).

He's grown so much since this video that it hardly even looks like him anymore. His growth over the past year really make us look forward to seeing his growth in the years to come.

Up next: A week camping in the Smokey Mountains. Another fun time for all of us to share.

Until next time,

M, J, & J

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gotcha Day One Year Ago

One year ago today was Gotcha Day. That was the day we first met Josh. We did not leave the hotel until the afternoon, so most of the day was filled with nervous butterflies. When we got to the Office of Adoption Affairs there was a room with glass walls and all the babies were there. Everyone rushed the glass. As babies were given to their parents Matt saw one of the babies was raiding the nanny's purse, of course that one was ours. It happened so fast. Called your name, checked your passport and here is your baby.

After we all received our kiddos we then had to fill out some paperwork and wait to talk with the babies' nannies. While we waited I think all of us were giving the kids a good once over to make sure that everything was O.K. When it came our turn to talk with the nanny we weren't sure what to ask, but we did thank her for all the care she had given Josh.

When we got back to the hotel most everyone when into hiding. Not us. We changed Josh because he was hot and went out to the store. We thought Josh would be smaller than he was and needed to buy him a couple outfits until we got home.

Looking back on that day seems like yesterday, yet so far away. Josh was in such shock from all that happened he was not the fun and crazy melonhead that we have now. To celebrate Gotcha Day we are going to China House for dinner with all the grandparents (minus Matt's dad, he is on a fishing trip) on Friday.

Right now Josh has woke up and is talking with is stuffed animals. It's time to get him up and start a busy day of cleaning house, playing and running some errands.

M, J, and J

P.S. Check back in a couple days. We hope to have some special video up soon.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

One year approaching!

In just a few days from now it will be September 9th. That was the day we all left for China to get Josh. My how our world has changed. This year we will spend the day together playing, going to the gym, and working around the house.

My new work schedule is working out well. The plan is to be on 3pm to 11pm three days a week starting next week. That will be so nice. We will no longer need regular babysitters for Josh, although there may be an occasional day or two. Also, it is great to be home more and Josh really likes having us both home together more.

Josh is still learning by leaps and bounds and never ceases to amaze us. Library time started last week and it was jam packed with kids and parents. There were at least 14 kids and 18 parents. It was in a very small room and the more people that crammed into it the more Josh just sat on my lap. He definitely wasn't his usual "crazy boy."

Josh had the best time pushing his wagon all over the yard.

For some reason Josh has really been into his blocks. He will play with them for a long time all by himself.

Whenever Josh would build something he would proudly bring it to you.

This is Josh on his new musical potty. It plays music whenever you go in it. Josh is doing pretty good peeing in the potty. This is still a work in progress.

Love M,J, and J