Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars

The Children's Museum just opened a new exhibit called Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars. I was so excited to take Josh because he loves to sing, he wants to play guitar and he loves cars. The exhibit was so cool. We both had a great time.

Josh rockin' it out

Our band. There is studio so you can pretend to make a sound track.

Karaoke anyone?
After our trip to the museum Josh and I were supposed to head up to Lafayette to pick up Marianna and Alex. It was delayed because somehow I locked my keys in the car. My car is supposed to be smart enough to keep that from happening, but it did. Thankfully, mom came to our rescue and we did finally pick-up the kids a few hours later than planned.
The kids had an awesome time playing together. Josh and Alex played Piston Cup Race for hours. We did crafts and had a water gun fight. The kids were worn out after three days.

I'm gonna get you Aunt Jenny!

Hold on I'm out of water!
Since grandma and grandpa had all three kiddos, Matt and I decided to go to Italian Fest. We had never been and had always wanted to go. It was totally awesome! Everything was so good and made from home recipes. We were in a pasta coma the rest of the weekend. Only 358 days until the next Italian Fest, but who's counting.
Our two favorite things were the Italian sausage and Alfredo. YUM!!
The summer heat has kicked in full swing and that means going to the pool. We went with the neighbor girls. It was so much fun. Those two love playing with Josh.


Kaitlyn * Josh * Gabbie
On Wednesday we took grandma to see the new Cheetah exhibit at the zoo. It was really nice and you could see the cheetahs up close.
Josh is racing to see if he is as fast as a cheetah.
After the zoo we went to Pizza King for lunch. There is train that delivers your drinks. The pizza was awful, but Josh like the train.
We are spending the weekend packing and preparing for our big trip to Alaska. We are all so excited. Plus, we are spoiling all the dad's in our life because Father's day is Sunday. Josh bought Matt a new drill.
Happy Father's Day,
Matt, Jenny and Josh

Sunday, June 06, 2010

2010 Holiday World

Before we start our story to Holiday World, we just wanted everyone to know that there are two new blog posts. We had so many new pictures from the last week and a half that we had to make two postings. Now, back to our story.

Our annual trip to Holiday World was lots of fun. Josh is well over 36 inches this year so he was able to ride more rides. He still didn't like the kiddie roller coaster, but I can't blame him it is a bit rough. His favorite rides were the jeeps, cars and the train. The new water coaster is a lot of fun for us grown ups.

We were so sad for our week of camping to end, but in two weeks we will be heading to Alaska. WooHoo!

Josh proudly displaying his lighting bugs. (This was his first time catching them.) The next night we put a bunch in a container to look at them all light up - another summertime favorite. But per the rules, at the end of the day, anything we catch has to be let go.

Fishing in the kayak with a three year old in your lap is definitely tricky.

Josh was so excited to hold all the fish.

We caught the fish and now it's time to eat them.

Matt dusting off is filleting skills. I don't think the dust ever really did brush off.

Josh's first ride on the Turkey Whirl. He wasn't sure at first, but he liked it by the end.

Josh could not get enough of the old cars. I think we must have ridden them 4 dozen time over two days. We were to the point, by the end of the day when there were no lines, where we would just keep on driving after we got to the finish and start another lap.

Preparing to get soaked on the Raging Rapids! Josh thought it was HILARIOUS when the other girls in the raft would get splashed and scream. He would yell "OH NO, LOOK OUT!" and then laugh hysterically.

Josh was totally wiped out after the splash area. We checked a couple times to make sure he still had a pulse.

The alligator slide in the kiddie section was a huge hit.

Josh and Matt were racing down the slide. Who do you think won? They did this over and over and over. We were all wiped out after playing in the kids area.

Hitting the open road!

The boys chillaxin' in the afternoon.

One of the things that Josh had been asking to do was catch butterflies. We found a patch of milkweed which was blooming and COVERED in butterflies. He was so excited to get an up close look at them. He also wanted to look them up in our insect guides to see which butterflies we had caught.

I had tried for quite awhile to catch a dragon fly without success. Matt was able to catch a couple. Josh thought that was pretty neat.

Look I have two!

500 Parade and Crash-a-Rama

On May 29th, my mom, dad, Josh and I went downtown to watch the 500 Festival Parade. Josh likes parades so much I decided that I would brave the traffic and crowds to see it. Actually, I have never been to the parade. I have always watched it on TV.

Josh loved everything about it. The floats, ballons and especially the marching bands.

Chinese Dragon Ballon

Josh, Grandpa, and Grandma (It tooks 24hr for grandpa to get feeling back into his shoulders. Just kidding!)

When we got home Josh and I made a parade in the living room.

Now, for Crash-a-Rama! This was at the Speedrome here in Indy. The premise of Crash-a-Rama is to basically destroy as many vehicles as possible. It was a blast! Josh is still talking about it.

This was the last ride on this school bus before it was destroyed during the School Bus Figure 8 race.

WooHoo! This is gonna be fun!

Grandpa, Grandma, Josh, and Daddy

The night started with this car destroying a trailer.

Followed by a skid car race. What is a skid car? Well, the rear wheels are removed and a piece of metal is attached like a ski. Basically, all you see is a trail of sparks as the cars race around the track. The best part was that the debris from the destroyed trailer wasn't removed from the track and the mattress kept getting stuck under the cars.

Aunt Jane, Josh and Granma

School Bus Figure 8! It was a big hit with Josh. By the end of the race (who knows who won) they just turned it into a domolition derby till only one of the buses was able to move.

Matt and I really like the trailer race. Here vehicles tow a boat or trailer behind them as they race around the track. None of the boats or trailer were more than a pile of junk which made them perfect to destroy.

As the boats and trailers banged around on the track and eventually they separated from their vehicles. Here a car with its' trailer still attached ran over the pop-up trailer.

This car picked up a little something on his hood.

Josh was very upset about the truck catching fire. He asked about a million questions about it.

After the trailer race there was a demolishion derby. The night ended with a really nice fireworks display. We had such an awesome time. We are definitely doing this again.

Matt, Jenny and Josh