Friday, April 30, 2010

First trip to the dentist

FDIC is the Fire Department Instructor's Conference held in Indy each year. It's a week long event with classes, practicals, and nearly every vendor who sells a fire related product showing off their stuff. It overflows the city's convention center and Lucas Oil Stadium there's so much stuff. Josh (and dad) were in Heaven.

I don't know how many trucks are displayed at this conference, but Josh wanted to get into EVERY one of them.

He was TOTALLY wiped out by the end of the day.

Josh's first trip to the dentist.
We had been telling Josh about the dentist and that he would be going. Instead of being scared or even a little wary, he had a ball. It helped that the hygienist was a cute girl.
Here he is practicing his "open wide"

Checking out the cool tools.

"I'll just stare into your eyes while you do you do whatever"

The down side of the visit: he has three spots that need some TLC. There are deep grooves in his molars that became soft through no body's fault. His teeth are just genetically prone to bad spots and his permanent teeth will probably need the same thing when they come in. SOOOO, J-man will be gassed up later this month so those little buggers can get patched up. That should be interesting.
M, J, & J

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rock Show

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For the Easter Josh received a Magic Mic from the Easter Bunny. He loves to sing and put on his "Rock Show."

Spring Time!

Now that the weather has finally warmed up it is very difficult to keep Josh inside. He loves to play outside.

This particular day Josh decided to flood Crabbie with pond water.

Josh was covered in sand and soaked from head to toe. In fact he required two clothes changes because he fell into the pond earlier in the day.

Some mornings Josh wants to make sure puppy has breakfast, but this particular puppy had to poop. When a puppy's gotta go, he's gotta go!

I love spring time and these are some of the tress and flowers from our yard.

Bleeding Heart


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sorry it's been so long!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. We sure did or should we say Josh did. Anyway, we know it's been awhile since our last blog update, but enjoying life sometimes gets in the way of updating blogs.

It's been a busy few weeks with everyday stuff and work, and the warmer weather brings more yard work with it. Matt and I bought a composting bin and rain barrels. We have all been having fun learning about composting and spinning the barrel once a week. Matt has already mowed the yard once and will be doing it again in the next few days or we are going to need a bush hog to play outside.

Josh is loving the warmer weather. It's hard to keep him inside on rainy days or days when it is cold outside. He is riding both is Big Wheel and bicycle like a champ now. Pretty soon Matt and I won't be able to keep up with him on our bikes.

3/10/2010 This was the first warm day of spring. It was about 60 outside and Josh couldn't wait to get in his sandbox any longer.

Josh made a course for his monster trucks

Josh absolutely loves to run around in the grass with bare feet

Every kid loves bubbles. Josh not only had his bubble bath bubbles,
but I was blowing bubbles too.

3/19/2010 For some reason Josh got on a playdough kick. He played with his playdough for over three hours this particular day.
Josh was sticking his cars and trucks in the playdough. He was also running the cars on the playdough to see what their tire tracks looked like.

He used cars of all makes and models. Not a one was spared. The next day, Matt showed him how to use his dinosaurs and make dino tracks in the playdough.

3/22/2010 Lisa, Marianna, and Alex came to visit for a few days while Marianna was on spring break. The kids had an awesome time playing together.
After the playdough the kids played with the train track and dinosaurs.

4/2/2010 This year we colored brown eggs for Easter. Warning: if you use brown eggs with green dye the eggs turn out puke green. Anyway, Josh did a good job coloring the eggs until he spilled the pink dye all over the place. Thankfully, it didn't stain anything. After the eggs were colored they received further decorating with dinosaur stickers. Perfect! Josh had to take some of the eggs to both the grandparents too.
Carefully dip the egg into the dye, SPLASH!

I want to do it all by myself.

It's really hard to be patient when there are more eggs to color
The last few eggs

While the eggs dried, Matt and Josh curled up to read a book. It was one of Matt's favorites as a kid "The Monster at the end of this Book."
4/4/2010 For Easter we visited all the parents. My sister and her family came down to visit. We has a big lasagna lunch and then we had an Easter egg hunt. That was followed by some serious romping and then naps for the kids.

Goal: to get the most eggs. Go, go, go!

Checking out the bounty
Hopefully, it won't be so long before the next post. Josh and I are headed back outside to enjoy this beautiful day.
M,J, and J