Sunday, August 16, 2009

Indiana State Fair

The first thing we think of come August is the State Fair. We love to go and see all the sights. Of course, we absolutely love to eat our way around the fair. Josh was super excited to see all the animals and tractors.

Josh and some calves. He liked to get face to face with them.

Chocolate covered bacon. Sounds disgusting I know, but we all tried it and it was pretty good. It had that salty/sweet combo.

What's more fun that feeding goats, sheep, and calves carrots?

Our little man couldn't resist any piece of equipment!

Josh's favorite thing was the tractor ride around the fair. It was one of the last things we did and he loved it.

At night they lite up the hot air balloons in anticipation for the race the next day. They were quite beautiful.

Josh's Potty Party

What is a potty party you ask? Well, we told Josh when he filled his potty chart that he could have a DQ ice cream cake. On August 12th he filled his chart so we throw a little party for his accomplishment. Josh has been accident free now for 2 1/2 weeks. Of course, the cake did have a toilet on it.

All the grandparents came over for a cookout and cakes. Really, it was more of an excuse to get together than anything else.
M, J, and J

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Coming in to the finish

The past three weeks since we have been back from Atlanta have been a marathon. Between work, Matt's class, Matt teaching a class, and just the everyday business of life, it has been crazy at our house. That's the way life goes sometimes.

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of Josh and mom time. So I have been trying some new fun activities for Josh. Of course, some do try mom's patience though.

Here Josh is working on using scissors. It is very difficult to teach a kid who is left handed to use scissors when mom is right handed. Where is Aunt Lisa when you need her? She's left handed.

I love the Family Fun magazine and Josh is now old enough to do some the projects in there. We made the "foamerator." This was a big hit because Josh love bubbles.

A couple of weeks ago we (Matt, Josh and I) and all the grandparents made a trip over to Cincinnati to go to Bass Pro Shop and Jungle Jim's. Jungle Jim's is a gigantic international grocery store and is very cool. Matt has been wanting to try a durian fruit since he saw it on Bizarre Foods. We saw them in China, but didn't try them because they smell awful and we didn't want to stink up the hotel. So we bought one to stink up our house.

I made Matt open it out side. The durian smelled like rotten onions. Yuck!!! It had the texture of firm pudding. Gross!!! At first it tasted like rotten onions which caused us to spit it out immediately. The after taste was something like a cantaloupe.

Here is what one looks like eating the durian.

A few days ago we received over 4 inches of rain which left some puddles in the yard. There is not a little boy on earth who can resist puddles and Josh is no exception. He was soaked and covered in mud. He went straight to the bath after that.

My sister and her two kids were in town this past weekend. We went to the Children's Museum on Thursday. It was utter craziness at the museum. Other adults were pushing our kids around and the kids were so excited to see each other. We, my sister and I, were beat after chasing the kids around all afternoon.

The bobcat is always a big hit.

On Friday morning we went to the zoo. We saw all the animals and the dolphin show. The favorites were the giraffes, ponies, and elephants.
On Saturday, Matt and I did some work around the house before dropping Josh off at grandma and grandpa's for a KID FREE Night. It was Matt's 20th High School Reunion. The reunion was entertaining because 20 years later people were still trying to party like they were in college again. We did get to see a friend of ours we had not seen in a couple months so that was fun.
Today, Sunday, Matt had to work so I am getting a little bit of Josh free time at home. It is amazing how much quicker chores go without my shadow. I'm about go out and grab a bite to eat just because I can.
Josh will be back soon, so I need to get going.
M, J and J